Where Was Your Outrage Then?

For two days, my Facebook feed has been filled with statements of condolences, beautifully worded documents explaining feelings and thoughts, and exclamations against racism and bigotry.  Stanford University has offered counseling services, as have Google and Facebook.  Today I was invited to share my feelings on the election in a “safe space”.  There have been marches across many major cities demonstrating against the result of this election.

I very much respect your thoughts and feelings.  I also have a few of my own.

I ask that you ponder how we got here.  And I ask that you consider the timing of your reaction, and the consequences of your apathy.  Where was your outrage when we bombed a funeral in Yemen killing 350 civilians [1] or when we bombed a school and killed 10 children, wounding 28 more [2].  Why didn’t you march when Snowden revealed that the Obama Administration (following the Bush Administration) was spying on all of our communications and exploiting that technology to spy on their own love interests and personal relationships [3].  (I know you didn’t march then, because I did.  Expecting a crowd of thousands, I met just a couple.)  Why didn’t you demonstrate when Bernie Sanders was robbed of a fair primary election (voting booths shut down in Sanders friendly areas [4], Caucus leaders misrepresenting the number of Clinton voters [5])?  When the government decided to impose restrictions on employment in the US (workman’s compensation insurance, workplace safety requirements, minimum wage, health insurance) AND opened the trade borders permitting corporations to send their jobs out of country, why didn’t you cry out for the many Americans that were losing their jobs?  When Obama sought to further this effort by making the TPP trade deal in secret, why didn’t you demand transparency?  When the debt ceiling was raised mortgaging the future of this country, why didn’t you post?  We have bombed Libya, worsened relations with Russia, amateurishly botched a sting operation which provided drug cartels in Mexico with heavy artillery [6], lost our manufacturing sector, permitted corporate tax loopholes, persecuted journalists who sought to provide us the truth (Glen Greenwald and Julian Assange), permitted the military to incarcerate people indefinitely without a trial [7], killed Americans without a trial, kept our troops in the Middle East without any prospect of ending that conflict, and watched the terrorist organization ISIS grow.  And during all this time, you remained silent.  Where was your outrage then?

And when it came time to put forth a presidential candidate?  Who did you provide us with?  Trump vs Clinton.  You now claim that Trump is a racist xenophobic misogynist.  And Clinton?  She supported her husband’s pardoning of Puerto Rican terrorists to gain the Puerto Rican vote in her senatorial campaign [8].  You get that?  Terrorists were pardoned for her own political gain!  Clinton gave highly paid speeches to Wall Street banks, and then asked to be president of a government that has previously showered those banks with money; moreover, she refused to release transcripts of those bank speeches.  You crucified Mitt Romney when he said 47% of the electorate felt entitled, and then immediately forgave Clinton for saying that Trump supporters were deplorable.  You didn’t mind when she hid from press conferences for about a year.  In my opinion, most importantly, you supported a former secretary of state that continued America’s eternal war across the globe.

And so it came down to Trump vs. Clinton.  Largely, though, I do not think this was a partisan contest.  This was establishment vs. something else.  And this time, something else won.

You’ve ignored politics and the many abuses I’ve listed.  You haven’t minded when people were dying since they were dying “over there”.  You’ve woken up from your four year slumber, chosen your team based on feelings and impressions rather than facts, and are upset that they lost.

I did not vote for Trump.  I voted for Gary Johnson; though not ideal, he was obviously the best candidate for this presidential election.  I campaigned for him continuously and passionately.  And I grow weary of the tired excuse that a third party candidate doesn’t have a chance.  When offered cancer or brain disease, I chose health.  For those that didn’t, you will now experience the consequences of an apathy that has led us to this moment, and those consequences are your responsibility.

I end this with the words of another, much more articulate than myself,  “Millions of people did not vote for Trump because of the racism and hate. They voted for Trump in spite of racism and hate. They are voting because they are frustrated with a Washington that does the backstroke in an ocean of money while the American dream seems farther and farther out of reach. Trump spoke to those people. He spoke to the very real sense that the government has abandoned them.”  -Elizabeth Warren

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