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An Economic Projection

On 4/2/2018, I predicted that the economy was starting another recession and that stock prices would drop dramatically.  With my own savings, I took almost all of my money out of the stock market and put it (largely) in two places: short term CDs (3-6 months) and gold (the GLD ETF).  (Note that this wasn't … Continue reading An Economic Projection

A Hierarchy of Diseases

A Hierarchy of Diseases

In this article, I will present different disease types and order them from external to internal.  We will see that our approaches to each disease differ through these categories.  Note that this is not an exhaustive list of categories (i.e. some diseases may not fall into these categories, and some diseases may fall into more … Continue reading A Hierarchy of Diseases

Thoughts Regarding the Munk Debate on Political Correctness

Semi-annually, the Aurea Foundation holds debates on pertinent topics.  On 05/18/2018, these Munk debates focused on political correctness [1].  Professor Michael Eric Dyson (of Georgetown University) and columnist Michelle Goldberg (of the New York Times) argued for political correctness.  Professor Jordan Peterson (the The University of Toronto) and actor Stephen Fry argued against political correctness.  … Continue reading Thoughts Regarding the Munk Debate on Political Correctness