Unconstitutional Attempts at Gun Control

Unconstitutional Attempts at Gun Control

During the 2016 debates, Clinton repeatedly stated that anyone on the terrorist watch list should not be able to purchase a gun [1].  Senator Diane Feinstein proposed legislation to do exactly this in 2015, but it lost with a vote of 45-54 [2].  Afterwards, Senators Susan Collins and Heidi Heitkamp proposed a bill that would … Continue reading Unconstitutional Attempts at Gun Control

The Price of Medicine in the US

In 2003, the "Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act" (MMA) was signed into law by President George W. Bush.  The vote was almost perfectly split: republicans for and democrats against.  This act significantly changed Medicare; in particular, it provided Medicare users with prescription drug cost coverage [1]. One might imagine that Medicare, with its large customer … Continue reading The Price of Medicine in the US

Injuries, Lawsuits, and Obstacles

Suppose you are genuinely injured, and the responsible parties are unwilling to compensate you adequately.  What obstacles do you face when seeking justice through the court system?  (We will use the state of California as an example.) Firstly, you must hire an attorney.  This is a gamble for the attorney; he/she must work and front the costs … Continue reading Injuries, Lawsuits, and Obstacles

US High School Graduation Rates Vs Student Performance

Last year (2016), the high school graduation rate reached a record high of 83.2%  [1].  Obama implied that this was a result of the efforts of his administration during his presidency [2]; this may indeed be correct.  In fact, the high school graduation rate has risen ever year during his presidency [3,4].  Whenever, though, we … Continue reading US High School Graduation Rates Vs Student Performance

Recent Examples of Exceptional Journalism

Our nation, including the president [1], has landed on its latest fixation: fake news.  We are now fearing that this deception played an important role in the recent election.  Even Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg promises to address the issue on his website [2].  In this environment, I feel that it's important to remember that there are many … Continue reading Recent Examples of Exceptional Journalism

An Operational Definition of Knowledge

As an undergraduate engineering student, I was taught lots of material that I later found to be incomplete.  The facts I was taught were correct, but only in certain circumstances.  In some sense, I've struggled to identify what my education was.  It has left me pondering a fundamental question:  What is knowledge? In Theaetetus, Plato defined knowledge … Continue reading An Operational Definition of Knowledge

The Mis-Protection of the American Worker

In the US, we have imposed several restrictions on employment conditions: minimum wage, health insurance, workman's compensation insurance, and workplace safety.  In 1998, it was estimated that OSHA compliance was costing American industry $33 billion a year [1]; in that same year, OSHA also had an operating budget of $315 million.  If we adjust this … Continue reading The Mis-Protection of the American Worker