Stellar Movies

The 13th Warrior 300 The Aviator Black Hawk Down Casablanca Coming to America Crocodile Dundee The Dark Knight The Emperor's New Groove The Ghost and the Darkness Ghostbusters Glory As Good As It Gets Goonies Hell's Angels Hero (with Jet Li) Hot Fuzz Jaws Karate Kid Labyrinth Last of the Mohicans Matrix My Cousin Vinny … Continue reading Stellar Movies


Rhetoric and Reality

There's a condition in combat called Friendly Fire.  What does that phrase make you think of?  It makes me think of smiley emoticons shooting hearts at each other.  Or a campfire that sings you to sleep.  But those things aren't Friendly Fire; its death [*].  Friendly Fire is when a soldier mistakenly thinks an ally is … Continue reading Rhetoric and Reality