Newsom’s Mismanagement of California

During this pandemic, Gov. Newsom of California has been ruling the state by executive decree (under highly questionable Constitutional authority) [0,0.1]. And he has been on a spending spree. Some of his more notable expenditures are listed below: 70,000 tablets were given to children [1,2].California is providing $125 million to undocumented immigrants as stimulus checks: … Continue reading Newsom’s Mismanagement of California

Letter to Governor Newsom

Dear Governor Newsom, I received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University and I am now a postdoctoral scholar at UCSF. Several of my works have been published in peer-reviewed journals. I am one of the many working diligently on medical technology to improve the health of the populations of this state, this country, … Continue reading Letter to Governor Newsom

Deflation / Inflation / Stagflation

Covid-19 has halted economies around the world. In response, the federal government has instituted extreme fiscal and monetary policy measures. The chart below shows M2 and M1 money supplies; note that recent blip is more drastic than during the great recession. The US spent all of that in a month and our government is still … Continue reading Deflation / Inflation / Stagflation

Unfulfilled Promises and the Latest Bailout

Unfulfilled Promises and the Latest Bailout

During the Revolutionary War, the American military had a significant disadvantage: it did not have a Navy. Its solution was to commission privateers. Private seamen would take their vessel to war and attempt to capture British ships. If they succeeded, they auctioned off the ship and were entitled to the proceeds [1]. The proceeds were … Continue reading Unfulfilled Promises and the Latest Bailout